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Updated 10/03/2015


Forthcoming exhibitions:

Mostyn Open 19, Mostyn, Llandudno - PV 18.00 Friday 13th March

Ben Woodeson, Berloni Gallery, London - PV 28th May

The London Open, Whitechapel Gallery, London - Opens Wednesday 15th July


Sub and Dom

  No Pain No gain   All the F***s in One Place   Yes, No, Maybe   Clamptastic   That Bit From The Omen? Yes, That Bit...  

Double Awesome

  Made in America   Potential side effects may include vomiting, bleeding, nausea and headaches              
    Thin line between love and hate   Innocent Until Proven Guilty   Good Fun   Unsuitable for all ages meat crushing sculpture   Massively Scrotal   Keep in a Dry Place and Away From Children  
      Fuck You You Fucking Fuck!   Screaming ankle slashing tension glass piece (60 second self-destructive sculpture)   Ophelia Among the Flowers   Lonely ball balloon (evil & twisted)   Beautiful Bursting Ball Bag   Health & Safety Violation #36 - Bite you on your ass and kiss your socks goodbye  
      Jolly Fuck Stick   Deadly Sexy Screw You Crossways Self-Destructive Sculpture   Semi visible corner piece (head banger)   Kick Ass Nail Your Butt to the Wall Glass Sculpture          
  Slice and Dice   Ball Droppingly Awesome Glass Sculpture   One Shot Pretty Sculpture   A Perilous Environment Positively Oozing With Pain and Suffering   Health & Safety Violation #15  Spiral twist hazard (Giant LABoral version)      
    Subservient shoe brush open toed sandals thing   Health & Safety Violation #23  Basic rough as fuck spinning spring jump out of your skin hazard   Health & Safety Violation #25  High velocity fucked up mind out for your Guccis splatter hazard   Berlin Liebt Dich (Berlin Loves You)   Schlagbohrer (Hammer drill)   Health & Safety Violation #34  Spinning cobblestone (high speed crack your skull open bleed through your ears version)  
    Health & Safety Violation #15  Spiral twist hazard   Health & Safety Violation #14 - Randomly Activated Tripwire   Health & Safety Violation #21 - Architectural Garrotting Cable   Health & Safety Violation #19  Scary fucking spinning thing   Health & Safety Violation #13  Constantly changing angles   Health and Safety Violation number 7 (9/10 of an iceberg is hidden from view)  
      Health & Safety Violation #18  Anti-personnel steel rod thing   Health & Safety Violation #2  Shocking   Health and Safety Violation #10  Evacuation   Health & Safety Violation #8 - Randomly Activated Tripwires   Health & Safety Violation #9  Looped trip hazard      
    Bang Bang...                      
    blahbatyblahblahblah   herbalgerbilverbilisor   Chicken soup from Mars              
    Low Tech Breakout   Declaration                  
    Point Blank   Hot to Hot Variable North   Portable Bug          
    783.6 cm to 783.83 cm at 70C   Knit 110   Piccadilly Radio              
    Altered Beast                      
    Untitled 1997